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Has served on the faculties of the University of Colorado and presently the University of Kansas. The author of over 50 scholarly articles on mental illness, Dr. Ilardi is a nationally recognized expert on depression. He also maintains a clinical practice. Brain structure and function are both profoundly influenced by what we eat, and research from the emerging field of nutritional psychiatry reveals numerous ways in which the processed-food-laden American diet has contributed to the burgeoning epidemic of mental illness.

It also highlights several specific nutrition-based interventions of proven usefulness in combating symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, insomnia, dementia, and other common forms of psychological distress. In this presentation, we will explore the neurocognitive effects of nutrients ranging from essential fatty acids to B-vitamins to trace minerals to soluble fiber, with a focus on specific ways in which nutritional strategies may be integrated into everyday clinical practice.

Hayes is a coveted speaker on the national and international stage and has been published in numerous journals, books, and other industry publications.

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Recognized for her comprehensive and trauma-informed approach to addiction and intervention. Heather Hayes utilizes her thirty plus years of experience as a Clinician, and sixteen years as a Hostage Negotiator and Psychological Profiler, to liken addiction to terrorism. With these methods, we can RESIST, and begin taking back our communities, one family system and human being at a time. As a psychiatrist in his native Pittsburgh PA, Dan focuses on helping people with addictions.

One of his biggest interests is Motivational Interviewing, and he is a Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers member. In recent years, the U.

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The pain and suffering caused to families is indescribable. This presentation will discuss the causes and effects of this major health and safety problem, and strategies to address it. It will address clinical needs and interventions for individuals with opioid addiction and their families, law enforcement perspectives, and what medical systems and health plans are doing or need to do to impact on this problem. As the research evidence keeps pouring in, a sad reality has come sharply into focus: Fortunately, modern neuroscience reveals that the way we live also has a profound impact on brain function, and myriad simple changes in lifestyle have shown a powerful ability to help heal depression.

In this workshop, we will examine 7 lifestyle-based strategies that can be integrated into any depression treatment regimen. Problems managing emotions feelings and moods are common among clients with psychiatric, substance use and co-occurring disorders. Inability to manage emotions creates distress for the client and adversely impacts on relationships and ability to function.

This workshop will review issues related to understanding and managing emotions such as anxiety, anger, boredom, depression, emptiness, and guilt and shame that create problems among clients. High-level negotiator, mental health expert and Intervention leader Heather Hayes has developed a blueprint for safely and securely intervening on individuals when previously undisclosed, advanced psychiatric conditions manifest. Whether it is Dementia, Anorexia Nervosa, Delusional Disorder, Paranoid Schizophrenia, or any psychiatric disorder, traditional intervention protocols do not apply and if improper intervention techniques are applied, the outcome can be devastating for all those involved.

Heather Hayes will be sharing her highly sought-after process and protocol for safely and effectively intervening on patients struggling with psychiatric issues, improving assessment protocol, and securing optimal outcomes for interventionists, families, and the facilities that treat them. The DSM V was released in and there has been much controversy over this edition. There were significant revisions important for the substance abuse counselor such as changes in the criteria for substance abuse disorder, personality disorders, and gambling.

Other changes included removal of multi-axial system, inclusion of PTSD and removal of the bereavement. By viewing video clips from movies and television, we will illustrate some of these changes and how they impact our field.

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But modern neuroscience makes clear that there are myriad ways to impact neurochemical signaling in the brain, and the great majority of them have nothing to do with medication. In this workshop, we will explore numerous rapid and effective strategies—lifehacks —for improving neurocognitive perturbations associated with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD, memory disturbances, and other common forms of distress. These salubrious strategies include: The young adult population can be difficult, challenging, and rewarding to intervene on. Developmental issues, drug impact upon an undeveloped brain, and lack of impulse control potentially escalating to violence must be considered and evaluated.

Most attention in clinical practice is directed towards problems, pathology, disorders, and defects. This presentation will review models of well-being and what emerging research says about our ability to increase positivity in our patients. There will be several brief interactive exercises that can be tried during the workshop or at home. Feelings and flashbacks are often the most intimidating and challenging parts of healing from trauma and addiction, and yet confronting and processing through the most intense parts of past trauma can be a key to client progress.

This workshop offers a practical conceptual framework for teaching clients to safely do their deepest healing work without getting re-victimized. Four specific stages of facilitating deep process work are identified with clinical examples. Possible complications and vicarious trauma are addressed. Three client handouts are provided. Please login to access Handouts. Attendees will be able to hear the latest research along with practical counseling strategies and take away advanced skills and techniques. It offers a comprehensive view and updates along with focusing in-depth workshops to provide participants an opportunity to interact with a faculty of leading clinicians and authors as well as other attendees.

Enjoy networking with those working in the areas of: Conference Objectives Participants will be able: Identify treatment approaches and develop counseling skills for a range of issues in mental health, behavioral health, addictions and co-occurring disorders. Identify the neuropsychological and neurobiological underpinnings of addictive disorders, compulsive behaviors and other problematic behavior and the therapeutic implications of these findings. Identify effective therapeutic approaches for the treatment of trauma and PTSD, depression, anxiety the resistant client, as well as a range of co-occurring disorders.

Identify clinical applications of recent key scientific research and its implications in psychotherapy and counseling. The South Beach-inspired changes include all new, best-in-class hotel rooms and suites, a new casino, newly remodeled conference center, more than four acres of tropical pool area, as well is new restaurants.

US Journal Training, Inc. Social Workers participating in this course will receive 24 continuing education clock hours. Approved Education Provider Program Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. US Journal Training Inc. Registrations received or processed by midnight EST January 30, will qualify for the early rate. Check, credit card information or agency purchase order must be attached to this registration form. No refunds are available after February 13, Business Hours are M-F, 8: You must first print out our Registration Form.

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The provision of ethical and responsive treatment to clients of diverse cultural backgrounds is expected of all practicing health care providers. Cultural competence is mandated by professional ethics codes and will be the focus on attention in all topics addressed: Literature updates and current expert opinion will be included along with current research findings and practice knowledge that informs ethical and legal clinical work. Emphasis will be placed upon prevention of ethical violations.

A Dissociative Model Colin Ross, MD An internationally renowned clinician, researcher, and lecturer in the field of traumatic stress and trauma-related disorders.

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Sex, Desire and Relationships: Moving Beyond Change Toward Metamorphosis Fred Hanna, PhD Now that mindfulness has taken the psychotherapy and counseling world by storm, it is time to go deeper, to apply it toward psychological and spiritual transformation and transcendence. While working at the Haight-Ashbury Clinics, Dr. Inaba supervised the clinical treatment of over , self-referred substance abusers. He has received over 90 individual awards of merit including awards from the California Society of Addiction Medicine and the California Association of County Drug Program Administrators.

Inaba is the author of several publications and award winning educational videos on all aspects of substance abuse work. He is co-author with William Cohen of Uppers, Downer, All Arounders 8th Edition that is used as the principal text on substance use disorders in over U. Research of the brain anomalies associated with addictive disorders provide an understanding of the differences between the wide variety of drugs and behavioral compulsions that can develop in some individuals predisposed to Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders.

They also help to explain why some are more likely than others to relapse during treatment of these chronic persistent medical disorders. The rapidly expanding field of Addiction Medicine targets brain anomalies of addiction with Medication Assisted Treatment MAT to promote better assessment, prevention and treatment tools for the better manage of those struggling with the brain anomalies of addiction. Resiliency and plasticity of the brain manifests its amazing ability to regain functionality with continued sobriety during the recovery process.

This presentation will explore the neurobiology of Addiction and Recovery to dispel the undue stigma associated with Substance Related and Addictive Disorders.

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It will share results of brain imaging and other research process that validate past as well as recent developments in the effective management of this chronic persistent disorder. Therapists are supposed to make clients safe and secure, creating a cozy haven from a cruel world, right? He has formed several non-profit organizations, which combat substance abuse by providing education and awareness on addictive behavior, preventative methods, and the economic, physical, and social consequences of mental illness and substance abuse.

From the proposed American Health Care Act to a new focus on medication-assisted therapy, the landscape for treating those with addiction continues to evolve. No one understands this better than the presenter, who as an addictionologist, has served as CEO of Solutions Recovery, an abstinence-based rehab in Las Vegas, for over ten years.

He provides a compelling perspective on the future of the industry. Interactions between major MH disorders with SUD will be examined along with current management approaches. Challenges of co-occurring disorders include definitions, diagnoses, patterns, treatment and organization of services. Evidenced based best practices indicate simultaneous treatment of both disorders at a single program site results in best outcomes.

Despite growing designations by programs to be comprehensive behavioral health services, most continue to focus primarily on either mental health or SUD treatment. Those suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD are worry-making machines who become anxious about topics that can concern any of us: But for some clients, the noise of worry is like a boom box in their heads with no off-switch. Participants will learn practical therapeutic strategies, based on the latest research, on how to help clients face the unneeded worries of GAD head-on and dispatch with them rather than trying to avoid them.

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Anger can be channeled in positive and productive ways. Self-loathing can be connected to an acknowledgement of the fact that human frailty is normal or at least helpful in developing empathy for other people. Sandra is the author of Beyond the Good-Girl Jail: She draws on her own hard won life experiences as well as more than 30 years of private practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker treating courageous survivors of extreme trauma and neglect. She loves sunrise hikes and playing bluegrass bass.

Trauma survivors simply cannot heal in the same relationship system in which they were traumatized. Teaching six essential self-skills while also consciously relating from our own true self creates the deeper safety necessary in therapy for clients to heal beyond duality and its constant power struggles.

Addiction then loses its innate purpose, the need to be in control begins to melt away, and the client can once again live from the true self. This presentation will look at marijuana as a drug: Its medical and abuse potential relative to other psychoactive substances. Art has created Global Health Reach to partner with medically underserved communities, bring healthcare to the area and prepare them to become medically self-sufficient. Bexar County PA Society.


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