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Tomorrow in Wartune you can buy divinity souls, the gems you can use to enchant sylph gear. A level 1 gem cost 99 balens, and you need 4 to make a lvl 2, four of those to make a lvl 3 etc.

They also immediately start a synthesise event, where you get a lvl 1 divinity soul for making a lv 2, a lvl 2 for making a level 3, and a lvl 3 for making a level 4 once per day each. Looks like this event last only for 2 days, so there is not much room for a combo.

You have the following options: Don't buy always the easiest and wisests. Spend balens on the first day to make a lvl 2 gem, and spend another on day2 to make another level 2. So you spent balens, got 2 x lvl 2 gems, one lvl 1 gem, and can claim he smallest one-time goodie bag.

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Spend balens on the first day to make a lvl 2 gem, and spend balens on the second day to make a lvl 3 gem. To me, it is particularly frustrating when the game has one thing to advance, I do events, earn reward: Examples are refinement locks can't use them for sylph equipment refining , advanced sepulcrum and mahra, fate stones vs beads of influence. But this is the problem with most other rewards as well. Experience points, crystalloids, legendary stones, fate stones, soul crystals, refinement locks, star tears, star sands, sylph equip shards, sylph exp scrolls, golden holy water, dragon souls Sepulcrum, mahra, runestones, mount hoof can be still useful to some, but not to veteran players.

And this is not an old problem, lack of upgrading rewards for old events. Even new events - like sylph expedition - award crap.

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Even chests - which you can buy for balens! My real problem is that this generates more and more frustration to me. Why the developers ignore this obvious problem? Why they try to sell newer and newer resources at astronomical prices?

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Gift of god, for example? Who would pay Or empire truncheon? Next medal for me requires , which is USD. No, thx.

Upgrade to Knighthood Equipment - Sacred War Axe - Wartune Achievement & Guide

Anyway, I have my solution. This is something my other favorite game, Doomlord is using.

All about Wartune event, buy balens, tips & trick and more.

Such beautiful stones. See how they shine in the light? See how they reflect such lovely colors? And full of such phenomenal powers! Synthesize your gems into stones of unimaginable power during this activity.

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Level 4 Gem — Lvl. All rewards are bound. Rewards are given for gems that are being synthesized into level 4, 5, 6, and 7 gems. For example, if you synthesize into a Level 4 Gem, you will be rewarded with Lvl. Likewise, if you synthesize into a Level 6 Gem, you will be rewarded with Lvl. Rewards may be redeemed by clicking the Hot Events button.

Rewards may only be redeemed once per day. Honor Event Duration: Players must reach the required Honor ranks to be eligible for the rewards. Test your blade and wit in the Battleground and be rewarded with bundles of insignia. Players must reach the required Honor ranks below to be eligible for the rewards. Rewards may only be redeemed once. Deal certain percentage damage 0. Login Event Duration: Login every day for the duration of the event and receive unique rewards! Non-VIP Players: On-line Event Duration: Remain online for 1, 2 and 3 hours to redeem special prizes!

Remain online for 1 hour to receive: Bullhorn Small x5, 30, Gold Remain online for 2 hours to receive: Level 3 Luck Stone x2, 50, Daru Remain online for 3 hours to receive: Payment Event Duration: Recharge or more Balens and receive an additional payment pack! Additional Payment Pack Contents: Energine Event Duration: Test your luck with the Astral System and be rewarded for it! Upon obtaining an Orange Astral, you will be rewarded with Energine x1. Gold Rush! For this activity, use Alchemy 10, 20 and 30 times a day and receive rewards.